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SMK Cooks!

The SMK Cooks Fan Fiction Collection!

Love fan fiction? Love food? Well then, this is your cup of tea! Click on the story's title to find the complete story.

"Spy la Mode" by rankamateur
Lee a chef? Find out how he cooks for food critic Amanda in this tale of kitchen intrigue.

"Dinner at the White House" by rankamateur
An episode that could have easily fit into the third season! Danger, intrigue, and our heros to the rescue!

"Spying Eyes" by Linda
A four-part exploration of Lee's inner life as he peers through the kitchen window of 4247 Maplewood Drive. Love that Lee! Voted "Most Romantic" in the SMK Cooks Fan Fiction Challenge!

"Dinner at the Diner" by Newkid
Lee and Amanda try a new place with distinctly amusing (for us, anyway) results—in poetry, no less! This poem was named the "Most Creative" entry in the SMK Cooks Fan Fiction Challenge!

"Cooking for Love in All the Right Places" by The Rev
Cook a gourmet dinner along with Amanda and Francine(!) to wow your Valentine in this sequel to The Rev's popular "Operation Esther." Winner of the "Best Recipes" award in the SMK Cooks Fan Fiction Challenge!

"A Night for the History Books" by Jessica
Don't try this at home, kiddies. But do read Jessica's take on Lee and Amanda in the kitchen! Laugh along with this winner of the "Worst (Funniest!) Recipe" award in the SMK Cooks Fan Fiction Challenge!

Got a Story?
If you'd like to try your hand at writing an SMK Cooks! food or cooking-based fan fiction, I'd love to read it! Send your stories to SMK Cooks! and I will publish as many as I can in a special fan fiction section of the site.

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