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SMK Cooks!

Dinner at the Diner
By Newkid

Timeline: Fourth season. Lee and Amanda are engaged.
Disclaimer: SMK and its characters are owned by WB and Shoot the Moon.
Rating: G

Lee and his Amanda were about to enter in
to the place in which their hunger would be satisfied again.
But Nedlingers was packed so they ventured further east
to the restaraunt of choice where the two were known the least.
They drove off to a diner by the name of "Mr. Tweeds"
where a table near the back would most likely suit their needs.
Amanda found a menu and perused their choice of foods
that would satisfy their hunger and accentuate their moods.
Lee asked about their wine list and was answered with a laugh
by the waitress with a missing tooth and neck like a giraffe.
"Hey, Mister," she explained in a low and husky voice,
"we've got soda and some coffee but white wine is not a choice."
They settled for two cups of joe and ordered up their slop:
Amanda chose spaghetti and Lee asked for a pork chop.
And for an appetizer they decided on some fries
though Amanda often worried they would end up on her thighs.
While waiting for their supper Lee was eyeing the decor,
all the yellow plastic flowers and the horseshoe on the door.
Then he spied a jukebox standing just a short ten steps away,
so he dug around for quarters and imagined what to play.
He deposited his money and decided on a song
and then went back to Amanda who was humming right along.
He took a sip of coffee and a french fry from the stack
and doused the thing with ketchup and then gave his lips a smack.
Amanda shook her head as she watched the french fry chewed
and said, "I'll never know how you can eat such greasy food."
Lee offered up a wink and held a fry up to her lips.
Amanda took a bite and said, "Forever on the hips."
Lee polished off the starchy dish in forty seconds flat
and leaned back in his chair impressed that he could eat all that.
The jukebox song had faded out so Lee mumbled out loud,
"I need to play another tune to liven up this crowd."
He dropped a couple dollars' worth of quarters in the slot
and picked a bunch of songs that he had really liked a lot.
The waitress had returned to them with dinner on her tray.
She laid it on their table and then quickly walked away.
Amanda took her fork and spun her noodles round and round,
while Lee poked at his porkchop growing quite a nasty frown.
"My meat is kind of rubbery," he said under his breath.
"I'm scared that if I eat it I will surely catch my death."
Amanda gave a smirk and quickly answered with a grin,
"It's not the food that matters, it's the company you're in."
Lee gave Amanda's hand a squeeze and took a bite of meat
then swallowed without tasting acting like it was a treat.
They spotted a dessert menu and took a good long look,
hoping Mr. Tweed could bake even if he couldn't cook.
Their dinners barely eaten, they decided on some cake:
the kind with chocolate sprinkles like Amanda used to make.
The waitress filled their coffee cups and took their order down
and boasted that their cake is the best there is in town.
She hustled off to get a piece the two of them could share,
and the portion that she brought back was a five-by-five-inch square.
"That has to be the biggest piece of cake I've ever seen,"
Amanda said while tasting of the layer of whipped cream.
They dug into their treasure like it was a pot of gold,
abandoning their napkins like they both were two years old.
All conversation ceased until the plate was eaten clean,
then they leaned back in their chairs until they started feeling green.
The jukebox now was blaring of the Beatles' "Helter Skelter."
Lee grimaced, "What I need right now is good old Alka Seltzer."
Amanda only nodded and her lips she gave a lick,
afraid that if she opened up her mouth she would be sick.
They paid the bill and drove away as quickly as can be,
both scanning on the roadside for an all-night pharmacy.